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Werther's Original Hard Candies

Werther's Original Hard Candies

These individually wrapped hard candies are made in Germany by Storck. They feature a relatively sweet and gentle caramel flavor. Werther's represent a good value, and they are conveniently packaged, but in the end, it comes down to their taste. In a word, Werther's are fantastic. The flavor is straightforward but refined, which makes one of these gems the perfect closure for a meal or great midday treat.

The nutrition information is suprisingly reasonable insofar as they come in at 20 calories per candy. They are available in smaller packs but we usually opt for the 7 ounce packages which feature a clichéd history. Although it is not mentioned, Werther's need to be stored in a cool place; if they are left in a hot location for too long, the candy begins to melt and the texture is irreversably degraded.

  • purchase price - $1.99 for 7 oz. (200g) or 40 pieces.
  • availability - widely available in grocery stores

Unique Reviews overall rating: 98 out of 100

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