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Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is the venerable rating agency that covers items ranging from automobiles to electronics and insurance to food. Some of their reviews and guides are available free of charge, but others require a subscription. They also offer a printed magazine but we prefer their online service because it includes their archive and allows for quick searches. Consumer Reports seems to be objective and we are usually pleased with their thorough analyses.


Amazon.com is the world's largest online retailer, but many of the products that they offer also include customer reviews. Many of these reviews are biased or uninformed, but sometimes they provide provide good insight into issues that you wouldn't have otherwise considered. Almost anyone can post a review on Amazon, but it is often a good place to start your research.


Epinions allows ordinary consumers to post their reviews of the products that they have purchased. Although these reviews can be biased, they are occassionally objective. We usually do not take these reviews too seriously, but as is the case with Amazon, some of the reviewers provide insights that you would not have considered otherwise.

c|net, ZD Net and PC World

These three sites cover the world of technology and electronics. In addition to news and commentary, they include extensive reviews.

The Gadgeteer

This review site focuses on electronic gadgets and their accessories. They primarily focus on personal digital assistants and other electronic items that would be of interest to business users.

Digital Photography Review

DP Review is our favorite site regarding digital photography. In fact, we used Phil Askey's recommendations to purchase the camera we use take photographs for this site. The reviews are usually thoughtful, well written and unbelievable thorough.

Reel Views

James Berardinelli provides insightful movie reviews and we prefer his thorough analyses to the more mainstream movie critics. You may also be interested in his top 100 films of all time

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