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Snapple a Day Meal Replacement

Snapple a Day Meal Replacement

If you are the kind of person who appreciates meal replacement drinks, then you should try a Snapple-a-Day. But, if you're not the kind of person who appreciates meal replacement drinks, then you must try a Snapple-a-Day. Just don't think of it as a meal replacement - think of it as a meal supplement.

Of course, with anything that is supposed to be food, there are two primary concerns: flavor and texture. The flavor of the Peach Snapple-a-Day is actually quite good. Of course, the peach puree is supported by sugar and pear juice. But the juice is free from weird flavors or aftertastes that are common with heavily-fortified drinks. Likewise, the texture is good, and by good we mean non-existent. The juice is only slightly thicker than your average pulp-free orange juice, and has no discernable texture. Although soy protein is one of the primary ingredients (third on the list), the juice does not feel or taste like it is full of filler. Another thing we appreciate is how short the list of ingredients is and there's only one thing that we can't pronounce.

So, although Snapple-a-Day meets the basic requirements to be called food, does it fulfill reasonable expectations for something that calls itself a meal replacement? Well, sort of. The drink is only 11.5 ounces, and honestly is much more filling than you might expect. If you are the kind of person who eats for sustenance and not for any other kind of fulfillment, then this product is ideal for you. But, if you tend to want satisfaction beyond just a full stomach, this might not be quite right. It is completely fat free, however, so feel free to supplement with some fried chicken, or another high-fat, low-carb protein.

Now, for a run-down on the package: Lots of vitamins and minerals, 100% of your daily vitamin C and E, good source of calcium, dairy free, yadda yadda yadda. Our personal favorite quote from the package: "Enjoy a Snapple-a-Day as part of a healthy diet including regular exercise and at least one balanced meal per day." In other words, it's good for you, but don't try to live on it. Here is the rest of the Snapple Nutrition Information.

  • purchase price - $1.79
  • availability - Grocery and convenience stores

Unique Reviews overall rating: 92 out of 100

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