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Sarasa Gel Pen

Sarasa Gel Pen

These pens are retractable with a translucent plastic barrel and a rubber grip that matches the ink color. It has a medium point (.7mm), the ink is acid-free, archival quality and comes in ten assorted colors: black, blue, red, navy, cobalt mahogany, forest, lime, mustard and fuchsia.

Though these pens may appear to be a poor man's Pilot G2, they are a far better value. At just around $1 apiece, these pens are less expensive than the G2, but write with significantly greater ease and smoothness. These are our favorite pens, both because of the sturdy grip, and the way they glide across the paper. The colors are vibrant, and the ink supply is visible through the barrel. The primary drawback is that refills are not available, and the ink tends to run out quickly.

  • purchase price - $10.39 for a pack of 10
  • availability - office supply stores, widely available online
  • rating breakdown - smoothness: 97, endurance: 60, colors: 83

Unique Reviews overall rating: 80 out of 100

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