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Nalgene Narrow Mouth Bottle

Nalgene Narrow Mouth Bottle

If you've never heard of a lab supplier called Nalgene, then you may be surprised to know that this plastics manufacturer actually has a significant market in camping equipment, specifically, guaranteed-not-to-leak storage bottles. Well, a very smart Nalgene employee once supposed that labs and campers had similar needs for liquid and dry storage, and why not capitalize on both markets? We are so glad they did.

The 32 ounce bottles are all translucent and available in clear, Violet, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, and Sage Green. Each has a black screw-on cap that is attached to the neck of the bottle. This is a great feature that prevents losing the cap while also providing a loop for attaching the bottle to the outside of a pack. The narrow mouth opening is just larger than a half-dollar coin, and is great for drinking on the go without spills.

Among the claims Nalgene makes about their product is that it is indestructible. The plastic they use for these bottles seems very brittle, but we've heard of some pretty extreme crash-tests. Imagine a full 32 ounces of water hurled straight up into the air, then allowed to crash in the parking lot. The bottle suffered a few scratches, but held together incredibly well. Another claim made by Nalgene is that these bottles will not leak. Our experience is that with extreme temperature changes, the cap may expand or contract and allow for minimal leaking. It's not significant, but certainly a minor violation of this promise. Last of Nalgene's promises is that this product will not take on stains or smells from whatever liquid you choose to put into it. Although its hard to believe, we've found it to be largely true; juices, powdered drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, even mixed alcoholic beverages all clean away perfectly. Ironically enough, the only thing we found that does leave a lasting odor/flavor in these bottles is iodine tablets for water purification. For this, as well as tips on how to remove the upc sticker and other burning questions, the Nalgene website has many suggestions.

Overall, Nalgene bottles are durable, useful, and a great value. Beware of knock-offs, though, as companies not known for their lab equipment are starting to produce their own versions.

Unique Reviews overall rating: 97 out of 100

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