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Johnson's Foot Soap

Johnson's Foot Soap

Johnson's Foot Soap has relieved millions of feet since 1870. Or, so the package claims. And, funny as it sounds, after reviewing this product, it's actually believable.

Though the color and smell both were surprising (not in a good way), the experience was not unpleasant. The three key ingredients in Johnson's Foot Soap are borax, iodide and bran. For this reason, we assume, they didn't bother with adding any flowery smell or color. The smell is a bit medicine-y and a bit chemical-y. Not too strong, but nothing like the aromatherapy-type products that Johnson's competes with. As expected, the color, is that of bran. Even when the soap has dissolved, the water maintains a milky-brown color. Odd, but certainly not unpleasant.

Johnson's claims to relax and energize, and as it turns out, we think they're right! Without particularly miserable feet, we didn't expect much rejuvenating. Maybe it was just about having fifteen minutes to relax and slosh around in a foot bath, but whether it was psychosomatic or all in our heads, we felt relaxed and energized.

Our recommendations to maximize your Johnson's Foot Soap Experience:

  • Use the restroom first. (Remember all those slumber parties? It's true!)
  • Make sure you have a comfortable place to sit and soak.
  • Rinse your feet when you're done soaking.
  • Pat dry, then moisturize.
  • Tell yourself you feel relaxed and energized.

Another great thing about Johnson's Foot Soap is that it will clean your feet. Without any scrubbing, rubbing or other use of friction, this product actually cleans your feet. Just soaking and splashing for fifteen to twenty minutes will leave your feet soft and cleaner than they've been since your last pedicure. As they dry, however, most of the things that were hard and crusty before your soak will return to that state. After all, it's soap, not a pumice stone.

  • purchase price - $1.99
  • availability - online, most drugstores

Unique Reviews overall rating: 93 out of 100

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