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Hot Water Bottle

Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles have a long history but their popularity has waned with the introduction of all sorts of alternatives. Electric blankets are relatively common as are buckwheat packs and other gel-concoctions. Although electric blankets and pads provide quick heat to a localized area, the potential for fire is certainly disheartening. Also there is inconclusive evidence that the close proximity of electric current can lead to certain cancers. The other alternatives simply do not provide heat for very long, so we were drawn to using ordinary water as the heat-storing medium.

Although hot water bottles are often used to apply heat to aches and sore muscles, we used them to warm up the foot of the bed. Just before going to sleep, we simply filled up a bottle with hot tap water, wrapped it in a small towel and placed it under the blanket. After about 15 minutes, the foot of the bed becomes toasty warm. Sure you can use a space heater or turn up the heat for the entire room, but a hot water bottle efficiently provides the heat precisely where you need it.

While it is easier to flip a switch of an electric blanket, the couple minutes it takes to fill a hot water bottle is not particularly disadvantageous. Depending on the temperature of your hot water, you may have to avoid directly touching the bottle because it is capable of causing minor burns. Covering a recently filled bottle with a small towel easily solves this problem.

Although we are usually fans of hi-tech solutions, we feel that hot water bottles are one example where the old-world technique surpasses the modern alternatives.

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