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Hershey's Milk Chocolate Swoops

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Swoops

If you can imagine a Hershey's Kiss squashed into about the shape and size of a Pringles potato chip, then you've got the idea behind Swoops. Each package contains three servings, consisting of six funny little chocolate "slices". Swoops are also available in York Peppermint Patty, Reese's Peanut Butter, and Almond Joy flavors.

This doesn't appear to be a new marketing strategy. Take an old, familiar product and change it just enough to sucker people already familiar with the product into trying it again. Such seems to be the case with Hershey's Swoops. Though the shape is interesting, the chocolate is indistinguishable from the bar and Kiss form we are already so familiar with. The package has the Hershey's trademark brown color and silver block lettering, so we're not sure why we were expecting something new, but we didn't get it.

What you do get is some very indulgent packaging: A cardboard canister holding together three plastic cups, each with a foil seal. Seems like a lot of landfill for just three servings of chocolate.

Despite these things, we have to admit that Swoops have a very high level of snackability. Where eating an entire Hershey's Bar may be cause for alarm and it's just impractical to break a Kiss into more than one bite, Swoops are easy to enjoy in any volume. They are easy to take in a few dainty bites, yet also available for wide-mouthed scarfing. The packaging, though extensive, is very useful for the I'll-finish-that-later kind of consumer.

  • purchase price - $1.44 for three 1.26 ounce servings
  • availability - grocery and drug stores, online
  • rating breakdown - chocolate: 60, packaging: 50, snackability: 85

Unique Reviews overall rating: 62 out of 100

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