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Elmer's Galactic Glitter Glue

Elmer's Galactic Glitter Glue

Elmer's Galactic Glitter Glue says it's the coolest glue in the galaxy. Aside from the obvious question of Elmer's knowledge of adhesives used light years away from us, let's talk about what makes this glue so cool.

Well, it's blue. Translucent, blue, with lots of silver and blue glitter flakes suspended throughout. As far as we can tell, that's pretty much all that differentiates this glue from the well-known white kind. Although the bottle claims "gravity proof no run glue," it still has the consistency of hair gel, which will run if used in sufficient amounts. It dries clear, wrinkles thin paper, and smells just like traditional Elmer's. The bottle is the same, except that it's clear to show off the cool glitter. The best thing about this stuff is the clean up: let it dry, then peel it off your hands. Or, if you're not that patient, simply rub your hands together until it comes off.

As it turns out, the glitter actually can work against this product in specific circumstances. If, as an example, you're trying to glue two light-colored or thin pieces of paper, you'll find that the glue dries clear, but the glitter remains intact. But, as it's now between two pieces of paper, the glitter is no longer shiny and cool, but awkwardly drawing attention to the places where your project has been glued together. Not really so cool.

  • purchase price - $1.69
  • availability - office and art supply stores, Target
  • rating breakdown - glue: 90, galactic glitter: 68

Unique Reviews overall rating: 79 out of 100

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