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Chocolate Covered Joyva Halvah Bar

Chocolate Covered Joyva Halvah Bar

We picked up this interesting bar at a deli in Los Angeles. Its billed as "A Delicious Sesame Treat!" so we gave it a try. Since the primary ingredients are sesame seeds and chocolate, the nutrition information is a little shocking. The filling is barely moist and subtly crunchy; it is reminiscent of a Butterfinger bar, but not nearly as hard. It has an intriguing fibrousness that seems to improve the overall experience. The sesame flavor is delicate and therefore overpowered by the sweet chocolate.

Overall the Chocolate Covered Halvah Bar from Joyva is very good. They are good enough that we intend to try the other flavors which include almond and marble. The bars are produced by Joyva Corp. of Brooklyn New York. According to www.halvah.biz, Halvah was developed in Turkey and literally means "sweet meats".

  • purchase price - $1.00
  • availability - online retailers, ethnic grocery stores or other specialty food stores

Unique Reviews overall rating: 86 out of 100

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