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Altoids Apple Sours

Altoids Apple Sours

The mints were so strong they had to put them in a metal box, but what about these fruit sours? Though Altoids "Curiously Strong" Apple Sours also come in a tin, we're not convinced that it is completely necessary.

The fruity version of the famously strong mints also comes in a metal box; this time it's round and without hinges, like a traditional lemon drop box. Each 1.76 ounce box of Altoids Apple Sours contains about fifty small, red candies. The Altoids Sours are also available in tangerine and citrus flavors.

The candies start out strong. The first punch of flavor is more overwhelmingly sour than apple, due to the powdered fumaric acid the candies are coated in. As the initial shock wears off, the apple flavor begins to come through. The apple flavor itself is fairly unremarkable, as far as sour apple candies go, and can easily be compared to the flavor in a Jolly Rancher, Blo-Pop, or similar bright green candy. As with these other hard candies, there is a necessary warning: Caution! May cut, slice, or otherwise cause superficial damage to your tongue! Suck gently, or pay the consequences.

The famous tin is cool enough to mention one last time, and rather handy for use as a coin holder when the candy is all gone. However, there are some specific drawbacks to the box. First, the candies easily become stuck together so that it may be difficult to find one piece by itself. Second, the packaging when full can double as a shaker, which is great if you happen to be playing in the rhythm section, but not so great if you're sneaking in late to church.

Last thing we must add: altoids.com has more fun things to do than Disneyland, so if you are a little bored or you're averse to sunlight for some reason, we highly recommend it.

  • purchase price - $1.50
  • availability - Grocery and drug stores and direct from Altoids.

Unique Reviews overall rating: 81 out of 100

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