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20 Zeroll Teflon Ice Cream Scoop

20 Zeroll Teflon Ice Cream Scoop

Okay, to be fair, when you spend twenty five dollars on an ice cream scoop, you kind of expect it to be able to do windows and walk the dog. Well, after our tests, that might not be too much to expect from the 20 Zeroll Teflon Ice Cream Scoop.

First of all, this scoop is designed to take advantage of all available technologies. The shape of the handle is easy to grip, feels sturdy, and allows for great leverage. The scoop itself is sufficiently sharp, quite small in size, and makes really cute smallish scoops. Likewise, the material is an excellent partnership of Freon on the inside and Teflon on the outside. The Freon acts to conduct your body heat to the scooping end, and the Teflon coating ensures that every bit of ice cream easily slides out of the scoop. No kidding. Every scoop. Even up to and beyond fifteen scoops, far past where other scoops would give up and start sticking. Really, this ice cream scoop is so perfect, it leaves you asking why anyone would bother with anything else. Our theory? Twenty-five dollars is a bit pricey for an ice cream scoop that doesn't do windows or walk the dog.

So, what more is there to say about such a great product? The only downside apart from the high cost is that the 20 Zeroll scooper isn't dishwasher safe because of the Teflon.

Unique Reviews overall rating: 94 out of 100

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